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Scratch cards were a sensation when they were first launched, causing a stir the world over for their simplicity and the unique thrill that they provide. Amongst those who play them regularly, they are known affectionately as “scratchies”, but the age of the traditional scratchie is under threat from its online counterpart.

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It's not too hard to see why gamers are deciding to ditch the old ways of playing in favour of this new and exciting update.

There are a huge variety of online scratch cards, with an exciting array of themes and prizes. They are a great deal more attractive than the scrappy-looking cards of old, with luscious animations, sound effects and graphics, all of which help to immerse the player in whatever theme they have chosen.

Unlike traditional scratch cards, which required a player to put down at least £1 in order to play, online scratch cards have a great deal more stakes on offer. Players can get in on the online scratch card action from as little as 1p.

Online scratch cards are available 24 hours a day, meaning that there is no rush to get to the newsagents before it closes for the day. They can be accessed from home, work or even off your shiny, new mobile phone.

Due to the lower costs involved in producing online scratch cards, they offer some of the biggest prizes available on the internet. Just one lucky click can secure you a prize of tens of thousands of pounds. These lower costs also mean that there is a much higher payout rate for online scratch cards compared to their traditional counterpart, with some giving payout averages in the region of up to 90% or more, which isn't bad odds in anybody's book.

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