Lottery players win big in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has just put its name well and truly on the National Lottery map, as no less than five lucky winners hit the jackpot after purchasing their dream ticket...

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The 'Fab Five' bought their winning ticket from a local newsagents and have since been celebrating their life-changing victory; the group scooped a humungous jackpot of slightly over £4 million. The winners included Joe Burton; Christine Mowat and Andrew Mowat and John and Chris Bell.

They were not the only lucky winners of the massive rollover jackpot, however, news of the win has managed to spread around their local community, sparking a renewed interest in the potentially life-altering prizes available to be won when playing the lottery.

The Bells were the biggest winners of the jackpot prize fund, bagging themselves a truly impressive £2,938,400 worth of the winnings. Understandably, the pair have retired from their day jobs after getting their head around the amount of money they had won; they also hope to find themselves a new family home – they are currently scouring the country for a suitable property.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Christine Mowat have had no such reservations about splashing their cash, having just purchased themselves a brand new bungalow in the scenic highlands of Scotland. The couple knew instantly that the home was the right purchase for them, with Christine Mowat saying: ‘We fell in love with this bungalow, so we bought it,”. The final member of the lottery-winning group, Joe Burton, has also expressed his desire to find himself an ideal property but has not yet formulated further plans for his winnings.

“I can’t quite believe it” commented Andrew Mowat

“We're still in shock!” added his wife.

The win has certainly gotten people talking in Lincolnshire, with many looking to emulate the successes of their very own lottery-winning, 'Fab Five'.

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