Online gaming due to arrive in California

The subject of online gaming has certainly been a contentious one over the past year, particularly within the United States of America. Despite that, it appears that the 'Sunshine State' is getting ready to embrace the controversy...

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The news comes as a massive publicity campaign is currently being launched in the state of California in order to get online gaming back into favour with the public, following the especially damaging events of 'Black Friday', which saw Full Tilt Poker indicted by the United States Government.

The campaign is being run by the Online Poker Association (OPA), who want to highlight exactly how popular the activity still remains in America, despite the large amounts of bad press and the crackdown on website by the Department of Justice. Although, on the face of the matter, it may seem that the United States has unanimously decided against the activity of online gaming, the OPA want to show that the majority of people are still very much in favour of all kinds of online gaming.

As it stands, online gaming is only legal within a very small part of the nation's capital, Washington DC. There are many politicians and campaigners who believe that this right should be extended to those citizens in the rest of the United States. There are currently several pieces of legislation making their way through which aim to discuss and reform the nature of online gaming within the country.

The OPA have began their online publicity campaign, in a hope that they can reach the masses and bring about a new level of public awareness concerning online gaming in the process.

Aside from the fact that many Americans believe that the freedom to participate in online gaming is a fundamental right, the OPA have been quick to point out the massive benefits that the legalisation of the controversial activity would bring to their struggling economy.

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