Germany gets ready to embrace online gaming

The last year has brought about some dramatic changes to the way in which the worldwide online gambling industry operates; it now appears that the industry is heading into even more uncharted territories...

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Online gaming operators have been greatly encouraged by news that the German region of Schleswig-Holstein is getting ready to welcome them with 'open arms', as they made their final preparations to legalise online gaming. The state looks set to lead the way for the rest of Germany in encouraging online gaming, which looks set to become incredibly lucrative for the economy.

The liberalisation of online gaming is being centred around the region's state assembly in Kiel; a new law has been given a preliminary 'thumbs up' by both the Free Democrats and, surprisingly, the conservative Christian Democrats – the initial approval of the law will provide online gaming operators with the opportunity to apply for a license to practise within the state.

The ball will begin rolling for the new program during March 2012; its arrival has been welcomed by both the gaming industry and the locals – it is hoped that the decisions taken in the Schleswig-Holstein region of the country will act as a marker for the continued liberalisation regarding online gaming for the rest of Germany, paving the way for many more gaming operators to join the national economy.

Despite the good news, the gaming industry is still remaining cautious, as the rest of Germany could adopt a different approach to the gaming industry; an alternative idea has also been put forward, which would allow a mere seven sports betting operators to begin trading on a five-year trial basis.

Whatever the outcome, both the gaming industry and Germany will be keeping a close eye on further developments in this incredibly hot topic.

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